1/2 Graham and Grassley prep for Horowitz. Larry Johnson, Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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Image:  The official seal of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Play 20 Questions:  

3. What connections are there between Mr. Steele and the Russian government or Russian intelligence community? Has Mr. Steele ever been paid directly or indirectly by the Russian government, Russian intelligence community, or other Russian sources?  . . .  

14. Did anyone express any concerns about the propriety of presenting unverified, uncorroborated claims from the Steele dossier as the basis for a FISA warrant on an American citizen?  . . .  

20. Have Mr. Steele’s sources or sub-sources who are described in the dossier, or in any “intelligence reports” compiled by Mr. Steele or his company related to the 2016 election, received any payments directly or indirectly from Mr. Steele, Orbis International, any of Mr. Steele’s other sources, or any Russian source?

21. Was anyone in the Justice Department, including senior leadership, aware that Mr. Ohr continued to pass information from Steele and Fusion GPS to the FBI even after Steele was suspended, and terminated, as a source? Who? Were those people aware that Mr. Ohr’s ·wife worked for Fusion? If so, how and when did they become aware?  . . . 

29. In Congressional testimony, Mr. Corney claimed that the FBI briefed then President-elect Trump about the Steele dossier because the FBI had received word that the media was about to report on the dossier. However, subsequent media reporting made clear that the media generally had found the dossier’s unverified allegations unreportable, and CNN broke the story on the dossier only because Mr. Corney briefed the President-elect about it. Thus, there is a question as to whether [or not] the FBI included the dossier in the briefing, and possibly leaked that it had done so, in order to provide the media a pretext to report on the dossier.
. . .  and so forth.

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