A Ukrainian Political Scientist Attacked an American Live on Russian TV

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Ukrainian political scientist Vasil Vakarov fought with the journalist from the US Greg Weiner on the air of the talk show “Who is Against”. This happened in the heat of a dispute about relations between the US and Kiev.

Vakarov argued with Weiner about America’s role in the problems of modern Ukraine. The Kiev expert emotionally expressed the belief that the US caused the most harm to the Ukrainian state among all countries. The particular indignation of the political scientist was caused by the statement of the American Ambassador, who opposed the prosecution of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for violations of the law during his first post.

“I just want you not to meddle in our affairs,” said Vakarov to the American, to which he reacted with a provocative recommendation to “ask the kind ambassador.”

In response, the Ukrainian attacked Weiner with a glass of water in his hands and obscenity, pushed the American to the floor, and demanded not to tell him what to do. The host Dmitry Kulikov, security, and guests of the studio rushed to stop the fighting. Vakarov, who continued the altercation, was dragged away from Weiner, after which the show went to advertising.

After the break Kulikov asked the experts “do not dare to swing your hands around and approach each other”. He stated that the American had to be assisted, and behind the scenes he was examined by doctors. The Ukrainian was “removed” from the program, and after the program proceedings will be initiated against him, the host said.

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It should be noted that Vakarov and Weiner periodically became involved in scandals on Russian political shows. Thus, the Ukrainian expert fought with his compatriots Aleksandr Semchenko during a break in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyev”, and Vakarov himself ended up being the victim. In the next program Vakarov and Semchenko defiantly reconciled, shaking hands on camera.

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