A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is not who we thought he was

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Yes, he’s even a bigger CON than Manchurian Candidate
Barack Hussein Obama and we thought that was impossible.

State of the Nation

First, we here at SOTN have a very serious admission to make.

From the very beginning — going back to June 0f 2015 on the very day that The Donald declared his candidacy for POTUS — we knew in our bones that Donald J. Trump was not quite right.  We even posted 4 or 5 incisive exposés at that time cataloguing all the obvious problems with him.

However, and it’s a HUGE however: we knew that it was absolutely critical for the continuity of the American Republic that Hillary Clinton was defeated.  And so she was.  And SOTN did its level best to ensure her defeat, especially here in the pivotal swing state of Florida.

Now we see that President Trump has transparently broken every major campaign promise that he made OVER and OVER and OVER again like the “Energizer Bunny” during the 2016 election cycle.

Not only has he broken every single promise, he has actually gone in the opposite direction of the most important ones such his promise to make peace, not war.

For the diehard Trumpsters, especially, please understand that Trump quite knowingly created a hardcore War Cabinet full of Neocon warmongers.  What follows are just a few of the worst of these criminally insane warmongering psychopaths who were personally appointed or approved of by this POTUS.

Mike Pence — Vice President

John Bolton — National Security Advisor (United States)

Mike Pompeo — Secretary of State

Gina Haspel — Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Dan Coats — Director of National Intelligence

Steven Mnuchin — Secretary of the Treasury

Jared Kushner — Senior Advisor to the President

Elliot Abrams — United States Special Representative for Venezuela

Elan Carr — Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism

(Source: Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway)

Please take a close look at the exceedingly important positions that each of these warmongers currently holds in the Trump administration.  Hence, there’s no question that Trump was installed by his Neocon Zionist handlers to wage war … against any target Israel chooses. (e.g. Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.)

And that’s the ‘good news’!

The bad news is that Donald Trump was specifically chosen to ensure that 5G technology was deployed across America as quickly and efficiently and improperly as possible.  Which is why The 5G Roll-out is Trump’s 9/11.

And do you know he’s doing just that?!?!  In spite of the hard scientific evidence that proves this about the 5G Super-Hotspots: You better know where the “kill zones” are located.

Essentially, The Donald was used as a puppet to corral the entire Right into the pen of compliance with regard to blindly accepting 5G.  In other words, if the DON (aka The Donald) says 5G is okay, then it’s okay.  Just go along to get along with the rest of your Qtard and Trumptard compatriots while the extremely dangerous radio-frequency levels and microwave radiation necessary for 5G activation fry your brains as they cook your insides.

Now, if you really want to see the GREATEST CON MAN at work, please watch the following video very carefully.  What you will hear is our President even singing the praises of the ultra-dangerous 6G technology, while he is surrounded by a perfectly stage-crafted set designed to convince and deceive every American watching this highly deceitful production.  Even Ivanka comes on stage to do her own duplicitous dog and pony show.

President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on U.S. 5G Deployment (Video)

That the POTUS would take such a dramatic initiative to foist the extremely dangerous 5G paradigm on these United States of America is as treacherous as it is treasonous.  His conduct in this matter — both presidential and personal — is way beyond contempt and deeply disturbing.

What Trump has done — through his own words and actions — is profoundly violate the public trust and irreparably break the social contract.  By voiding the sacred covenant that exists between the governed and the government, he has made himself totally irrelevant going forward.  In other words, his 2020 aspirations are toast.

2017 Inaugural Address

It’s truly inconceivable that President Trump could give the Inaugural Address that he gave on January 20, 2017 with a straight face.  This was the moment when he took in so many across the nation into his web of premeditated deception and extraordianry perfidy.

It was also the moment that has proved him to be “By Far The Biggest Con Man in U.S. Presidential History”.   It’s why he was installed by his Neocon Zionist masters—he will lie through his teeth about anything, to anyone, at anytime, to further his own political goals.  In short, Donald Trump has become dangerous to the extreme to the Republic and to the American people.  A second term for him will totally ruin the American Republic just as his approved financial terrorism and economic sabotage against nations large and small have made the USA — BY FAR — the most hated country on Earth.


All the evidence has been stacking up for years that proves circumstantially Trump is being controlled by his Mossad handlers via blackmail and bribery directly related to Pedogate.  As follows:

P E D O G A T E:  A Global Child Trafficking and Exploitation Crime Syndicate

His long association with convicted pedophile and MOSSAD agent Jeffrey Epstein provides the indisputable prima facie evidence that Trump is one of them, not one of us.  His name even showed up in Epstein’s little black book along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz among hundreds other VIPs. See: Why is Donald Trump’s Name in Pedophile Epstein’s Little Black Book?

Now many will say that there are so many people in Epstein’s records and that some of them could be perfectly innocent business and personal contacts.  Oh, really?  Super-Mossad Pedogate blackmailer par excellence Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book?  Innocent?!?!  See: Trump and Epstein accused of raping 13-year-old girl in complaint filed with United States District Court for the Southern District

Now here’s the real kicker: Trump appointed Alex Acosta as his Labor Secretary knowing that he was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida who offered Epstein what was essentially an illegal plea deal which clearly violated the civil rights of the victims.  To be clear, Acosta knew that such a deal also violated federal law requiring the underage victims be informed of such an unjust plea bargain in advance of the offer.

Why would Trump ever make such an odious choice for Labor Secretary in view of Acosta’s repugnant behavior and official misconduct?

KEY POINTS (Made by sarz, a commenter at The Unz Review):(Source: Trump’s Betrayal of White America)

The historical record found in the public domain paints a picture of Donald Trump that unequivocally indicates he was deeply involved in Pedogate activities, perhaps spanning his entire lifetime.  And, that this is the primary means by which he is being secretly controlled and manipulated by Israel.  In point of fact, Israel owns and operates the Trump White House as never before in POTUS history.  And that’s, Dear Patriots, spells
D I S A S T E R for the American people.

Israel & the Mossad

This is exactly how the Mossad controls nearly every VIP politician in the U.S. Federal Government, as they control the all heads of state and top officials in the G20 nations and beyond.

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad – Part I

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad – Part II

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad – Part III

There’s now ever reason to believe that Donald Trump was literally installed in the White House by the Mossad.  Trump and Netanyahu are so close that the treason the Left accuses him of in collaboration with Russia is really true about his collusion with Israel.  After all, who doesn’t know that Trump bombed Syria — TWICE — for Israel based on a transparent lie and false flag chemical attack carried by Israel. See Trump Bombed Syria For Israel

Everything points to the great likelihood that Israel has so much dirt on Trump from his many years of dubious dealings in the New York City real estate market, and especially the Atlantic City and Las Vegas gambling casinos that they own him lock, sock and barrel.

The absurd misconception that Trump is his own man because he’s a supposed billionaire is so ridiculous only because he’s so friggin’ exposed legally, financially, and materially through his many buildings, golf courses, resorts and other properties.  In other words, they can burn down one of his Trump Towers in a New York minute just as they can destroy his brand anywhere in the world they so choose, as they have successfully done to date.

So, Trump anything but independent and free from extortion, blackmail or bribery.  Because of his past bankruptcies, he’s particularly vulnerable to financial coercion and/or economic graft.  As a matter of fact, he much more controllable than a POTUS who has nothing because Trump has everything to lose.  Once he leaves high office, he will be especially susceptible to a whole range of criminal and civil prosecutions as well due to his deep and diverse business portfolio currently under investigation.


If there’s one dead giveaway that proves that Trump is a total fraud, it’s his extraordinary commitment to MIGA.  As a matter of historical fact, no other president in U.S. history has gone so far out of their way to “Make Israel Great Again”.  There’s not even a close second, even though crypto-Jewish President Lyndon B. Johnson permitted Israel to get away with the deadly and destructive attack on the USS Liberty.  Just as Johnson ensured that Israel would be secretly and illegally given America’s nuclear weapon technology.

The critical point here is that Trump’s foreign policy is quite obviously dictated by his masters in Tel Aviv.  When they say jump, Trump asks “How high, sir!”

The two unlawful missile strikes on Syria, which were obviously based on patently false pretexts, are glaring examples of him slavishly carrying water for Israel.  Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the Golan Height as Israeli territory are two other egregious cases where Trump has unlawfully acted on behalf of his Zionist masters.

The fact that Trump has flipped yet again by keeping an occupying force in Syria also shows his true intent not to vacate that war-torn nation.  No other POTUS has ever gotten away with so much flip-flopping, and yet it’s perfectly tolerated, even by the ever-dissembling Mainstream Media.

This typical Trumpian tactic has kept everyone off-balance and guessing what he will do next when in fact he’s know exactly what Israel’s plans for Syria are.  The Neocon warmongers now bomb that country at will, using Israel’s US-protected impunity to slowly degrade Syria’s defensive military positions.

Donald Trump made his first major mistake when he completely abandoned MAGA and replaced it with MIGA.  The sheer number of Israel Firsters strategically positioned throughout his administration cannot be denied.  In addition to those Neocon Zionists listed above, there are many others who have been stealthily placed to carry out Israel’s nefarious agenda against the American people including the military deployment of 5G.

Russian Jewish Mafia

While there was evidently no Russiagate conspiracy to collude with Russia to influence the 2016 election outcome, Trump’s ties to the Russian Jewish mafia go back decades.  Brighton Beach operatives such as Felix Sater tell a completely different story about Donald Trump’s real business background.  Were the Right to become aware of the business practices that Trump routinely engaged in, they would jump off the Trump train in a heartbeat.

Likewise, Trump’s true relationship with the mob that has run both Las Vegas and Atlantic City for many decades would expose him as a just another gambling casino mobster.  Why else would he kneel before the king of Vegas — Sheldon Adelson — prior to his election?  In reality, Trump has had to kiss the ring of many unsavory characters within the Casino Industry over the years to accomplish whatever he has done … just as he had to in the cut-throat New York City development arena.

Going back to his years as a NYC developer, it was notorious lawyer Roy Cohn who was Trump’s mentor.  Just a photo of Cohn (see the preceding photograph) reveals the badass character that he was, particularly wherever he aimed his legal weaponry for the benefit of The Donald.

The sordid back story here is so deep and so broad that folks would refuse to believe it.  Nevertheless, Trump’s close relationship with Cohn while he was alive represents the very nexus of the Mossad, the Jewish Mafia, the Zionists Neocons and Israel’s influence first in the making of Donald Trump a 2016 POTUS candidate, and then the President.

Jared Kushner & Bibi Netanyahu

The definitive manifestation of Trump’s wholly inappropriate loyalty to Israel can be seen in his relationship with Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu.  The bond between these two war criminals is so improper that it’s clear who owns who.  However, it son-in-law Jared Kushner who really does the dirty work on behalf of both mafia dons.

Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

This is where Trump’s son-in-law — Jared Kushner comes in.  Really, what is this kid even doing there.  A Chabad-affiliated Zionist and ultra-liberal New York City Jewish Neo-liberal is jet-setting around the world making deals for the POTUS … … … after taking direction from Netanyahu.  This arrangement is so wrong it screams with influence-buying, malfeasance and unseemly collusion whenever it’s necessary for these “Three Amigos” to close an illicit deal.

‘Kushner Coup’ inside the Trump White House

Whenever it concerns Trump, Netanyahu and Kushner, the only thing that comes to mind is “thicker than thieves”; and it doesn’t get thicker than these 3 amigos.  After all, Trump gave his daughter to the Kushner family years ago to cement the alliance with various Israeli crime families as well as the all-powerful Mossad.  The Kushner family headed by Charles Kushner was well-known as a Jewish Mafia type.

Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

Dear reader, this is the only way to look at the current predicament: America is totally ruled by crime families, and the Trump Crime Syndicate happens to be the one that occupies the White House at this time.  As far as Trump’s partner-in-crime Bibi Netanyahu is concerned, have a look below at his secret strategy.

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth.  So it doesn’t matter what you do.  America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.  Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again.  This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”  — PM Benjamin Netanyahu
(Benjamin Netanyahu was in a meeting at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording, which was witnessed and which has been 100% fully authenticated.)
(Source: MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL: Established as the Global Headquarters for ‘the World’s Largest Organized Crime Syndicate’)


There is perhaps no more graphic illustration of Trump’s shocking betrayal of his base than the appointment of his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared to key White House positions. These two ultra-NYC progressives have ripped the guts out of Trump’s MAGA agenda.  Both of them have stealthily undermined any attempt by Trump to implement a conservative plan to take back the USA.

First of all, what is Ivanaka doing anywhere near the West Wing.  This girl has only one interest and that is the enrichment of her family and their investment portfolio over any other goal or concern.  Her casual yet ardent support of the 5G roll-out clearly showed she’s just another Trump airhead who doesn’t know the difference between 4G and 5G.

These two bad actors — Jared and Ivanka — even weighed in heavily to ensure Trump maintained taxpayer payments for the outrageous transgendering of American servicemen.  What else needs to be said about these two covert agents of Cultural Marxism.  Javanka represents all that is seriously wrong with America today, as well as what is likely to bring about this nation’s downfall unless they are both frogmarched out of the West Wing post-haste.

By the way her relationship with her father is quite likely something out of the annals of the CIA’s MK-Ultra Monarch mind-control program.  And the many photo’s of Trump with his daughter tells the story that no one can deny.

There’s something very wrong with Trump’s relationship with his daughter Ivanka.

Broken Promises by President Trump

What follows is a list of broken promises and failed policies that have occurred on Trump’s watch:

The last Spending Bill was a HUGE political disaster for Trump as it was a catastrophe for the American people.  The Military-Industrial Complex as always was the BIG winner.

The National Debt has ballooned under Trump.  It’s now well over $21,000,000,000,000!  The US Govt borrowed over $1 trillion in 2018 and much more in 2019.

Trillion Budget Deficits are returning according to the CBO.

Trade Deficits are also hitting a 10 year highs.

The so-called ‘successful’ Tax Bill was mainly a giveaway to Corporate America and the super wealthy.  The rich and powerful will only get richer from that Democrat-approved legislation.

Obamacare was not repealed even with Republican majorities in both chambers.

The Border Wall remains as elusive today as it was when Trump first promised it.  He really has no intention of building a wall or a fence or anything…and never did!

The DACA debate remains just that—a debate.  There’s been no real movement.

As for federal Immigration Policy, almost every Trump executive order has been thwarted.  He floats measures that are destined to fail… … …by purposeful design.

As for Abortion, not only is the criminal Planned Parenthood abortion factory still up and running, Infanticide-permitting laws are now approved in states both large and small.

Next, there is President Trump’s Gun Control, and the right to bear arms.  Yes, he’s already foisting his own version of gun control stealthily on the nation.  For instance, Trump directed AG Sessions to craft a new federal policy that was quietly restrictive.  The right to purchase bump stocks has been revoked.  So is the age allowed to buy assault weapons.  There are other serious gun control measures in the works that have not yet been put out by the POTUS but we’ve heard his strong support of the state’s Red Flag Laws.
(Source: TRUMP Reality Check)

This is just a partial list of broken promises and failed policy-making.  A comprehensive list would be 10 times as long.

Many on the Right now correctly perceive that Trump’s promises were all fake.  Just like “fake news” Trump promised the world knowing he could not deliver but understanding what would get him elected.

Of course, his hidden sponsors pulling his strings and funding his campaign told him straight up: you can do whatever you want domestically as long as you give Israel free rein in the Middle East.  And so he has right up today with this new development about his surreptitiously planned war with Iran.

HUGE BETRAYAL: Team Trump Planning Major War Using Tactical Nukes Against Iran for Fall 2019

How’s that for a treacherous betrayal of the American people?  He promise to make peace and yet promotes war whenever it serves Israel of his own selfish business interests.


Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway (Important Updates on 2/28)

State of the Nation
April 17, 2019

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