Alleged Airstrike Targets “Iranian Forces” In Deir Ezzor

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Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

‘Mysterious’ warplanes have carried out an airstrike on a gathering of Iranian forces in western Deir Ezzor, the Deir Ezzor 24 blog reported early on October 11.

“Mysterious warplanes struck with missiles a gathering of Iranian militias that was stationed between the al-Halabiyah roundabout and the town of Alhuseineah in the western Deir Ezzor countryside,” the pro-opposition blog said in a short press release.

The alleged airstrike was not confirmed by any other source, which suggest that Deir Ezzor 24’s claims are false. The outlet spread fake news may times before.

Last month, Israeli warplanes attacked a supposed Iranian missile site in southern Deir Ezzor at least twice. The first wave of airstrikes took place at September 9, while the second occurred eight days later.

These Israeli attacks and the repeated rumors of airstrikes in Deir Ezzor are likely aimed at disturbing the situation in the governorate, where a key crossing with Iraq was reopened last month.

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