Black Sea Fleet’s coastal defense troops strike enemy targets in drills

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MOSCOW, October 11. /TASS/. The crews of Bastion coastal defense missile systems from the Novorossiysk naval base are striking a notional enemy’s amphibious assault groups and surface ships in tactical drills, the Black Sea Fleet’s press office reported on Friday.

“The drills involve the crews of Bastion mobile coastal defense missile systems who have advanced upon receiving a command to the designated coastal area from their base. The crews are practicing tactics to deliver missile strikes from the rough coastal terrain,” the press office said in a statement.

During the drills, the coastal defense troops will search for an optimal position on the rough terrain to deliver missile strikes against the notional enemy’s amphibious assault and surface action groups and will practice camouflaging and a change of positioning area, the statement says.

The Black Sea Fleet’s warships involved in the drills to search for a notional enemy’s submarine in the Black Sea will simulate the adversary force, the press office said.

The drills involve about 1,000 troops and about 50 items of military and special hardware and the crews of the Black Sea Fleet’s warships.


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