Bloody Fjords

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There are no limits to the cynicism of our western “partners”. During the Great Patriotic War they amicably fought on Hitler’s side or openly supported him. But by 1945 they amicably declared themselves “participants of the anti-Hitler coalition”.

Even Germany itself became a “victim of Nazism”. Now they have become so impudent that they have come to accusing the USSR of “unleashing World War II”. The most cynical of them hurried to take the initiative of “trialling” our country and simultaneously rewriting their own crimes.

Special cynicism in this issue was marked by the “country of fjords”. It came up with the idea of accusing the USSR of the “genocide of the Sami people”. This concerns the Petsamo–Kirkenes operation, during which in October-November 1944 Soviet troops liberated the east part of the largest and most northern administrative-territorial unit (folk) of the Kingdom of Norway — Finnmark. Back then, during the offensive of the Red Army, the retreating German units and their Norwegian accomplices used “scorched earth” tactics. They destroyed all the infrastructure of the region and deported the 50,000-strong Sami community. 300 people died during this deportation. Post-war Norway announced this event as “the greatest catastrophe in the history of the country”.

Now an attempt is being made to also pin this crime on the USSR. They reach such impudence to declare: the offensive of Soviet troops … “provoked” the Nazis to resort to extermination and deportations. This thesis was put forward by the “researchers” of one of the largest museums of the “Norwegian Resistance”, which is located in the city of Kiberg.

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There is no sense in explaining how absurd their accusations are. Another thing is that it is time to openly say why the Red Army came to Norway. The reason is that the Scandinavian kingdom was Hitler’s ally. Today in Norway it isn’t accepted to remember this. But in 1940 King Haakon VII legally delegated his powers to rule the country to the Nazis. However, with the Machiavellianism characteristic of Western politicians, he resorted to a rather despicable legal fraud.

At first the Parliament delegated its legislative functions to him, after which the King, concentrating in his hands executive and legislative power, gave unlimited powers to the commander-in-chief of the Norwegian army, General Otto Ruge, to govern the Kingdom. Then Haakon fled to London, having taken with himself gold reserves and reassigned the merchant marine fleet – the world’s largest – to the British. Several days later Ruge, having shown symbolic resistance to the Wehrmacht invading Norway, signed the act of capitulation. Control over the kingdom was legally transferred to the Third Reich, and the Supreme Court of the Kingdom confirmed the transfer of these functions to the Nazis. Thanks to this the puppet Norwegian government created by the Nazis not only acted as an official ally of Hitler, but also sent its units to participate in the invasion of the USSR.

On the territory of the Soviet Union Norwegian troops distinguished themselves by a number of crimes. They participated in the genocide of the Soviet people on the territory of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and in particular were engaged in the extermination of the Jewish and Russian communities of Lvov and Ternopol. The extermination of Petergof residents in the Leningrad region is also on their conscience.

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To punish these criminals, Soviet troops came to Norway. The liberation of our compatriots who found themselves in Norwegian concentration camps was one more goal of the Red Army. In total in these camps there were 100,000 prisoners and civilians from the USSR, including 1,400 women and 400 children aged up to 15. More than a half of them worked at the nickel and gold Finnmark mines, where the conditions of keeping were especially horrifying. If on the rest of the territory of Norway the mortality of Soviet citizens in concentration camps was 14%, then here it was more than 21%. For comparison, losses among prisoners in the Kingdom from other countries were about 3.5%. More than a half of the Soviet citizens who ended up in Norwegian concentration camps were Russians. Another 1/3 – Ukrainians and Belarusians. The camps’ protection was carried out both by Germans and Norwegians. At the same time, the descendants of fishers and reindeer breeders behaved more cruelly in relation to Soviet citizens than the Germans.

In the context of this, it is high time that Norwegians ask the question: when we came to your territory we punished criminals and freed our compatriots, but what did you do on our territory?

If you at this time will still have the impudence to yelp something about some “claims”, then we will force you to answer.

Answer for aggression against our country on June 22nd 1941.

Answer for the genocide of the Soviet people.

Answer for the creation of concentration camps.

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Answer for the genocide of the Sami people, which was authorised by the governor of Finnmark Jonas Lie, appointed by the “national government” of Quisling.

Lastly, you will be made to answer for the deaths of 2900 of our soldiers who fell during the liberation of Norway.

You will be made to answer for everything.

Yury Gorodnenko

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