BREAKING: Famous high-ranking jihadist commander is finally killed by the Syrian Army

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January 13, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos
IDLIB, Syria – A high-ranking and famous jihadist has finally been killed today by the Syrian Army while fighting on the Idlib axis (southern Idlib countryside-northern Hama countryside-southern Aleppo countryside).
Ammar Abu Qassoura often appeared in propaganda videos for jihadist groups based in Idlib.
He was formerly with the ISIS-affiliated Jund al-Aqaba group before they were disbanded, and then became a commander for Jund al-Malahem.
His death will inevitably be a morale boost for the Syrian Army as they continue operations to liberate the entirety of the Idlib axis. Details of today’s operations by the Syrian Army can be read here.

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