Breaking: Syrian Army scoops up 3 more towns in multi-axis advance throughout southwest Aleppo

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BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:32 P.M.) – Another three towns have fallen to the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitaries amid their seeming ceaseless advance throughout the southwestern countryside of Aleppo province en-route to link-up with friendly forces in eastern Idlib.

According to military-affiliated sources, the last several hours has seen Syrian pro-government forces take control of the towns and villages of Sarj Fari, Bo Ghath’d and Jubb Jasem atop the Al-Hass plateau in southwest Aleppo.

The capture of the settlements are part of a ongoing multi-axis offensive by Syrian army-led forces – with some advance from Khanasser and others from As-Safirah – aimed at securing the Al-Hass plateau and joining up with other army units in eastern Idlib.

Whilst resistance offered by jihadist militias in southwest Aleppo is by no means comparable to the display of resilience being witnessed in eastern Idlib, it has become apparent that Al-Qaeda-linked forces may very well be preparing for a major battle at the town of Tal ad-Daman to prevent further Syrian Army advances throughout the Al-Hass plateau region; however, this is yet to be seen.

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