Breaking: Syrian troops purge militants from 4 towns and a mountain range in south Aleppo

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BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:48 A.M.) – Forces of the Syrian Arab Army and allied pro-government groups are in the process of clearing Islamist militants from within a large grouping towns and villages  within the Al-Hass plateau region of southern Aleppo province that they encircled on Saturday.

In recent hours, Syrian troops swept through the towns and villages of Buwaydah al-Kabeera, Musharifah al-Buwaydah, Buwaydah as-Saghirah and Al-Nu’maniyah in the southern countryside of Aleppo province, clearing them from jihadist militants and explosives traps.

Furthermore, army units also sent out scout groups to check and clear-out the Wadi Sinwa valley and Jabal Madour mountain range. 

Although rebel positions and weapons stockpiles have been found in the towns and villages the army has cleared so far, militant fighters themselves are virtually absent from the newly secured areas (with the exception of corpses and surrendering stragglers), having fled west of the Al-Hass plateau to escape a looming encirclement that was completed by Syrian pro-government forces on Saturday afternoon.

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