Confession of an ATO Soldier: Crimea Is Better off in Russia

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Crimea started blossoming in Russia and actually the situation on the peninsula isn’t at all how it is described by the Ukrainian media. Locals don’t want to return to the structure of Ukraine. Such a recognition was made by the fighter of the “anti-terrorist operation” from Ivano-Frankovsk and one of the “volunteers” of the “Return Alive” fund Rymaruk on his page on Facebook, reports “Politnavigator”. The fighter also added to his post a photo of the bridge under construction through the Kerch Strait.

“It is an almost-ready bridge and interchange of the known Kerch Bridge.

Yesterday I communicated for quite a long time with several citizens. The topic was how difficult it is to live in Ukraine, through the prism of what they saw in Crimea. Still a year ago, almost right after demobilization, for similar topics there was a desire to immediately beat in skulls, but now it is already interesting, for my own analysis of the situation and the prospects of a return of the peninsula.

It turns out that in one day more than a thousand Ukrainians cross the check point towards the occupied Crimea. As it appeared, the lion’s share of them are tourists registered in different areas. More than a half of them go for vacation on the azure coast – by public transport, or by their own. And why not? After all, the fuel there is cheaper (in the capital [Kiev – ed] A95 = 26 hryvnia, in Crimea A95 = 19-20 hryvnia).

But it is said that on the cameras it can be seen that the beaches are empty? There are cameras on all the beaches? And why rent housing when there isn’t a mad flow of tourists, all wild beaches are free. Put up a tent and live here the whole summer, and run for products to the nearest shop.

The products are expensive!? So, last year they were much dearer, this year they became much cheaper. Russian products are bad!? Please, buy Ukrainian ones then. Eat either Chernigov or Berdichev beer, there was smuggling, there is, and there will be.

Its shaky, but the bridge is under construction. And the Kerch Strait was blocked a bit not for occupation. Construction works are conducted. Towards Yalta around the clock the whole autobahn from Kerch is being laid, and the city itself simply blossoms, said the interlocutor to me.

I didn’t believe him, I looked at the online camera — yes, the flow and movement of traffic isn’t as good as, for example, Shegini [a city on the Polish border – ed], but it exists, and quite quantitatively. And further I will simply literally quote the interlocutor.

‘In 2015 I invested money in the construction of luxury rooms near Kerch. They already paid off in the past, and this year I earn. There is demand, up to the middle of September everything is reserved here. Of course, at mine it is cheaper than at the most popular resorts, but after the ferry crossing and queues Russians don’t want to go far. Believe me, Crimea will never again become a part of Ukraine. There it will become better to live next year and when the bridge starts to work, there will be a full house’.

Intermission. At least, I finished the conversation. The infliction of bodily injury, administrative punishment will only take time away from me. For myself I drew some conclusions:

1. To some war is hell, to others, a kindly mother – the trend of war in the east and the occupation of Crimea. With this it’s impossible to build the State.

2. All night long I studied the social sphere of the occupied Crimea. The earnings there is the same, the fuel is cheaper, products also gradually become cheaper with the arrival of Russian distribution networks. In parallel a question arises, why the f*ck do they [Ukraine – ed] poison us on TV by saying that in Crimea it is pure sh*t?

3. If it continues like this, they will open the bridge and, according to the occupied [Crimeans – ed], they will live even better, will they want to come back? Perfectly understanding that a change of power … No, a change of State is for years – of an unstable life, reforms, and perturbations? They thanked me but it seems to me that they don’t want very much to pass through these circles of hell,” he wrote.

According to the fighter, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin won’t allow a return of Crimea to the structure of Ukraine, however he can hold a repeated referendum that will show the same result as the one in 2014 did.

“Well, the sanctions will be strengthened even more. He will agree… to an open and transparent referendum with a large number of Ukrainian and international observers, and Crimea will be in his pocket.

It isn’t profitable for him to lose for nothing such a quantity of funds invested in military-strategic objects that are priceless. Especially as the Crimea project in itself already is paying off. They spent $100 million a year for rent of the Black Sea fleet,” summarized Rymaruk.

Earlier the deputy minister of Ukraine for refugees Tuka stated that the Crimean bridge can cause a serious loss to the budgets of the seaports of Ukraine.

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