Congratulations on 75th anniversary of establishing the Vladimir Region

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The message reads in part:

“The ancient Vladimir land is renowned for its history, old and distinctive cities and villages and, of course, unique white-stone architectural landmarks that are rightly considered a national and global asset.

It is important that the region’s residents cherish this immensely rich cultural and spiritual legacy, and that they build upon the wonderful traditions of creative and constructive work that were laid down by their fathers and grandfathers and strive to tackle the challenges facing the region in a worthy manner. Above all, this implies the creation of high-tech production facilities, support for businesses and the entrepreneurial activity of citizens, the implementation of highly popular infrastructure and social projects, and efforts to raise the quality of people’s lives.

I am confident that your initiative, energy and sincere love for your native land will help you to achieve your goals.”

The Vladimir Region is located in the central part of European Russia. Vladimir, the capital of the Vladimir Region, was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Vladimir between the 12th and 14th centuries. Vladimir ranks among the largest tourist centres and is part of the Golden Ring of Russia, a tourist route passing through ancient cities of Northeastern Rus where unique historical and cultural landmarks have been preserved.


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