Congressman Eric Swalwell vs President Trump

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I happened to turn on the Congressional hearings with FBI Director Comey when a Congressman from California named Eric Swalwell was questioning the Director. I was quite stunned by not only how many more connections Trump has with Russia than I was previously aware, but also by just how fearless and aggressive this fellow was in hammering Comey with them and the obvious conclusion any objective, sentient being would deduce from them, let alone a someone supposedly conducting an official government investigation into the subject.

It turns out the Congressman Swalwell has a special interest in this subject, to the degree that he’s actually linked his congressional web site to his research on the subject of Trump’s Russia connection called: Russia: Trump and His Team’s Ties.

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Here’s a bit of a teaser: Despite Russia’s harmful national interests against the U.S., and its human rights violations around the world, President Trump and his team are directly and indirectly tied to Russia.

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, President Trump not only refused to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin, but was even friendly and accommodating in his remarks. In his own words, President Trump called President Putin “highly respected.” More recently, President Trump put the U.S. on equal moral footing with Russia when responding to Bill O’Reilly’s question about Putin being a “killer,” saying “We’ve got a lot of killers… you think our country’s so innocent?” This is absolutely false moral equivalence, and unheard of for the President of the United States to insult and demean the country he leads. President Trump has harshly criticized NATO, and exclaimed that only the NATO allies that paid equally to the alliance deserved protection from the United States. Though these remarks were softened by British Prime Minister Theresa May, who claims that President Trump fully supports the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it’s still unclear how supportive he will be of NATO allies like the Baltic states in light of his relationship with Russia. President Trump has also surrounded himself with people who do business with and are sympathetic to Russia. The New York Times reported that members of Trump’s 2016 campaign and other Trump associates had frequent contact with senior Russian intelligence officials throughout the campaign. In addition to these questionable communications, here are a few other associates with ties to Moscow:

  • Donald Trump: Not only does his past and current team have ties to Russia, but the President himself also does. He has traveled to Russia extensively, done business there often, and has ties to Russian interests. For example, in 2008 he made a real estate sale to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. Trump bought a Palm Beach mansion in 2004 during a bankruptcy sale for $41 million, and less than four years later, without ever having moved in, Trump sold the mansion to Rybolovlev for $95 million.

Swalwell then goes on to detail, individually, specifically how each associate of Trump is tied with Russia.

Also, if you’d like to see Swalwell’s interrogation of Comey for yourself, just go to 2:30 in this video of the congressional hearings: Swalwell vs Comey

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