Dr Duke & Mark Collett of UK — Zionist False Flags Fly Over Iran & is Jordan Peterson’s Orwellian Name Emmanuel Peterson

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This is a controversial source. The views of David Duke are not shared by everyone within the anti oligarchical empire movement.


Today Dr. Duke had another great show with Mark Collett. They went into Mike Pompeo’s preposterous rainbow false flag attack on oil tankers in Iran. Seriously, he is just phoning this stuff in. The Mossad motto is “by deception thou shalt wage war,” but where is the deception? Nobody is falling for this retarded stuff.

Does this guy look like a homo, or what?

Then they talked about Jordan Peterson as a modern day Emanuel Goldstein from Orwell’s 1984. He is the controlled opposition appointed to lead us to defeat. He’s on a fool’s erend, but he’s the right man for the job.

Listen to the show for the full story.

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