Gods Of Money – This Book Explains It All!

Gods Of Money – Wall Street and the Death of the American Century

by William F. Engdahl

Buy Gods of Money by William F. Engdahl on Amazon
Buy Gods of Money by William F. Engdahl on Amazon

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This is no typical publication on finance. It information the intimate harmonies in between American armed forces power and also the economic methods of Wall Street as well as Washington to produce the most comprehensive international realm because the autumn of the British Empire a century earlier. It traces the surge of America from the 1800s to the hegemonic global superpower on the ashes of the British Empire by the end of the 2nd World War.

Here’s a few of what you will find out:.

+ Just how a cabal of worldwide Wall Street bankers in offense of the US Constitution made a stroke of genius d’etat in 1913 to develop the exclusive Federal Reserve to finance World War I as well as the surge of what they would certainly later call the American Century.
+ How the Rockefeller clan emerged throughout the Great Depression as one of the most influential family members shaping America’s destiny into and also after World War II.
+ The real schedule of the American Century triumphantly announced in 1941.
+ The genuine connection in between America’s armed forces commercial complicated and Bretton Woods Dollar System.
+ Just how Wall Street financial institutions systematically raised all restrictions on their growth that ended in the 2007 Sub-prime meltdown and 2008 international economic dilemma.

The dollar financial system of Wall Street was born not at a meeting in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in 1944. It was birthed in the initial days of August, 1945 with the going down of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima as well as Nagasaki. After that point the world was in no question who was the power to reckon with. This publication is no average book regarding money and finance. Instead it traces the background of cash as a tool of power; it traces the evolution of that power in the hands of a tiny elite that regards themselves as, fairly actually, gods-The Gods of Money. Just how these gods abused their power as well as just how they methodically set out to control the entire globe is the topic.

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