Google's stealth plan to defeat Trump in 2020: Everything the Democrats now accuse Trump of doing – colluding with Ukraine to rig an election, person…

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Dear WND Reader,

Thomas Paine famously said “These are times that try men’s souls.” And right now really seems like one of those times.

A dark cloud of madness has settled over the Democratic Party. After convincing themselves and millions of Americans, without evidence, that our democratically elected president is a traitor, a secret double agent serving an enemy power, the Mueller report finally revealed that the “Trump Russia collusion” narrative was the worst political hoax in U.S. history. But instead of slinking away in disgrace – or, heaven forbid, apologizing – the Democrats took a couple weeks off to rest and regroup, then launched another “Trump is a traitor” hoax – this time moving on from Russia to its next-door neighbor, Ukraine.

In keeping with Democrats’ trademark tactic of projection, everything they are now accusing Trump of doing – colluding with Ukraine to rig an election, personally profiting from his high government position, etc. – they themselves did. Repeatedly, provably and brazenly.

Meanwhile, their party’s presidential hopefuls – at least all their top-tier candidates – are corrupt, compromised, deranged people who lie as easily as breathing.

Do I exaggerate?

Consider that Sen. Bernie Sanders insists that convicted terrorists – specifically including Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who in 2013 slaughtered three and maimed close to 300 with nail-filled pressure-cooker bombs – should be allowed to vote. Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill in June that would grant reparations for homosexuals. “Beto” O’Rourke promises to send police to your home to confiscate your legally purchased firearms or drag you off to prison – plus, now he says he wants to eliminate tax exemptions for all Christian churches that refuse to celebrate same-sex marriage!

Meanwhile, if you’re a Trump supporter, all of these candidates regard you as an ignorant racist at best, and see President Trump as another Hitler.

And yet, one of these candidates (or else Hillary Clinton if she jumps into the race as many increasingly expect) may well be elected president of the United States a year from now.

If that happens – sorry, but kiss your country goodbye.

Again I ask: Am I exaggerating? If you pay attention to the news, you know I am not.

But how, you might well ask, could such a deranged person as any of the top Democratic presidential candidates possibly win, seeing as they all support suicidal and frankly idiotic policies like open borders, free healthcare for everyone in the world, emptying out our prisons and so forth? How could American voters possibly choose one of them?

Well, consider the forces arrayed on their side: America’s educational system, almost entirely in leftwing hands, is busily indoctrinating the next generation, from our colleges and universities down through high school, middle and elementary school, all the way to pre-school, where toddlers are regularly subjected to demonic “drag queen story hour” indoctrination sessions.

Then there’s the entire elite news media, the bureaucratic Deep State, the permanent elite ruling class in Washington, D.C., the entertainment media, “woke” corporations like the NBA, and on and on.

And then – as if this battle wasn’t already lopsided enough – consider that people of this same radical elitist leftwing mindset have stealthily taken over the internet through their mega-monopolies of Google, Facebook, Amazon and others. As a result, vital prolife, conservative and Christian voices, including WorldNetDaily – as we have long documented – are daily banned, de-monetized, de-platformed, suppressed and otherwise made to “disappear.” Free speech and a free press are definitely NOT leftwing values.

Perhaps most concerning right now: Leaders of Google, the most powerful company in the world, believe Trump’s 2016 electoral triumph represented a huge failure on their part – they just didn’t try hard enough on Hillary Clinton’s behalf. And we know, thanks to multiple courageous ex-Google whistleblowers, that Google fully intends to get the job done right this time. That’s right: They mean to make sure Trump loses in November 2020 and that one of their neo-Marxist candidates ends up as leader of the once-free world.

One of Google and Facebook’s most crucial strategies for making sure this happens is to silence powerful voices of truth that expose their schemes and lies and effectively inform and rally the pro-American “troops” to preserve, protect and defend their great nation.

WorldNetDaily, long in the forefront of this effort, has been severely hurt by Big Tech, which as you may know has both destroyed the advertising-based business model for independent online news, and simultaneously suppressed and defamed America’s oldest independent news site (founded in 1997) every way possible.

We could really use your help. Indeed, you are the only force that can effectively turn the tide of this battle. At the moment, it falls to me to make this appeal to you on WND’s behalf. As most readers know, our company’s founder, editor-in-chief and CEO Joseph Farah suffered a major stroke in March and is slowing recovering, thank God (and thank you for your prayers). But that leaves to me the job of reaching out to our loyal readers.

I won’t trouble you with the gory details, but we have cut everywhere possible – and then a whole lot more. We have streamlined our operation, been forced to make many layoffs, and those remaining have swallowed big pay cuts. Yet, as you can see by reading WND, our quality and commitment to truth are undiminished.

We simply need your support. To be specific, we need to raise $100,000 in the near future. Can you help?

Whatever you can do, just know that you are deeply appreciated by all of us, just as, in turn, WND’s special brand of journalism is appreciated by millions of readers.

As Jefferson wrote in his 1823 letter to Lafayette, “The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed.” Unfortunately, Big Tech is intent on America not having a free press, in shaping public opinion in its leftist image, and in suppressing dissenting voices like WND’s. And that’s the only way any of the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates could possibly win a year from now.

Bottom line: Big Tech’s two most urgent tasks right now are defeating Trump in the 2020 election and making dissenting voices disappear. They’re still kicking themselves for having failed during the 2016 election and don’t intend to make the same mistake again. Incredibly, says top Google researcher Dr. Robert Epstein, Google is now poised to swing as many as 15 million votes in next year’s presidential election – toward the Democratic candidate!

Not if WND can help it! We need to continue to sound the alarm and expose the efforts of Big Tech to transform America into a pathetic, fearful, conflicted, obedient, politically correct progressive version of the spectacular, prosperous and uniquely free nation it once was.

What else can I say? If you value WND, please help us. We have been suppressed, banned, defamed, sued, maligned, hacked and attacked in every way imaginable – but we’re still here! I guess we must be doing something right.

WND is blessed with a large and loyal readership; millions of people have freely benefited from its tireless and courageous journalism for over two decades. Please consider helping us with the most generous donation you can manage. And remember, if you choose the monthly option for your donation, that helps us enormously as it provides a regular revenue base we can count on.

Time is short, friends. This is a time for action – for all of us. Our adversaries are not holding back, and we need to not hold back either. I pray you will be inspired to join with us.

Thank you and God bless you.

David Kupelian, Vice President and Managing Editor of WND, Editor of Whistleblower magazine, and Author of “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and “The Snapping of the American Mind”


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