In Odessa a Man Was Beaten for Wearing a T-Shirt With a Hammer and Sickle

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On the Internet a video emerged of a man with a t-shirt featuring symbols of the USSR being beaten in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the video was published by the torturers themselves, without being ashamed at all of the fact that the proof of the crime is being spread. At the same time according to the law assault committed by a group of persons for the purpose of intimidation threatens the offenders with up to 5 years of imprisonment.

As the authors of video say, the action takes place in the center of Odessa. And, judging from the fact that the victim began to be filmed from far away, the “activists” tracked him down to film the illegal act with a camera.

“Listen, what the hell is your shirt? Stay where you are,” with these words the “brave patriots” knocked down the guy to the ground and began to demand that he removes the t-shirt. It is also noteworthy that the victim differs by his short and fragile build. But this did not stop the torturers who, judging by the offscreen voices and figures flickering into shot, attacked in a group.

He hurried to immediately agree to all the conditions, however this did not stop the guys from striking blows. And only after having splashed out their aggression in abundance, the torturers allowed him to remove the “Soviet” t-shirt.

The “patriots” were not ashamed of committing an assault in the afternoon, in a crowded place – with street lights, where cars drive and passersby walk actively. Off-screen it is heard that someone became interested in the events, however having learned what it concerns, they supported the attackers. It is obvious that after viewing this video, which captured the commission of a crime, it will become clear to many: russophobia in Ukraine is not just domestic hostility, but a cruel and dangerous phenomenon threatening the health and lives of a whole group of people.

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