“Miraculously Survived”: A Military Correspondent Described How She Came Under UAF Mortar Fire

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Military correspondent from Donbass Katerina Katina in the studio of “Open Air” spoke about how she almost died under UAF shelling.

Military correspondent from Donetsk Katerina Katina described on the air of “Zvezda” how she was came under mortar shelling carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This happened in the spring of 2018. Back then she was in a car together with the deputy of the State Duma Aleksey Zhuravlev, who came to Donbass to make sure that the ceasefire was being observed and to hand over humanitarian aid.

“We went to the fighters of ‘Pyatnashki’ and were supposed to transfer humanitarian aid. But we came short of the position by literally 200-300 meters, as mortar fire began. Shells were landing very close to us. We were in the car with Zhuravlev. There were three cars in total. The first one escaped, but was left without glass. Our car was second. A shell landed very close in front of us. And Mamay (Oleg Mamiev, commander of the “Pyatnashka” brigade who died in May 2018 – ed) told us to turn around and leave. Mamay said that we miraculously survived because they were aiming with precision,” remembered the journalist in the studio “Open Air”.

The military correspondent Katerina Katina has been filming stories since almost the first days of the conflict in Donbass, being in the very epicentre of events. The native of Donetsk wanted to enrol in the women’s militia, but things panned out differently.

“I wanted to enrol in the women’s militia. Back then there were already active military actions in Slavyansk. The woman who took note of girl volunteers wasn’t there. On my way back I met a friend who suggested I try being a video maker. At that moment there were already live broadcasts from Slavyansk. When the war came to Donetsk, we changed format and worked as people’s reporters. I remember my first shoot. Shelling of one of the central districts of Donetsk. A July night. A woman was killed there. She was at the stop. There was her body covered with a sheet, and there was a bag of food nearby. Her unprepared dinner,” she said.

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Katerina recently wrote a collection of military essays. She dedicated the book to her fiancé – the DPR sniper Andrey Miloslavsky (call sign “Skripach”), who died two months ago.

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