Mother of all bombs, or how to get through to Trump (Ruslan Ostashko)

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@ Alexandra & Melotte 22:

“Safronkov is being criticized by his own people – shame of them! He is doing brilliant work in these extreme circumstances.” + “He has spoken the way most of us would like to hear. And now he is being criticized for it [etc]”

^ Agreed, like, a million percent!

I don’t know what’s her/their problem! I love Vladimir Safronkov, and no disrespect to the late Vitaly Churkin, but I think this new guy is way better. And for all the impeccable manners and professional experience Mr. Churkin undoubtedly had, he was a man from another era. An era where the US/West-Russia relations weren’t as bad as they are today.
Right now is not the time to be all wishy-washy, soft-spoken and uber diplomatic at all costs, particularly not when your country reputation is being dragged through the mud day in and day out by vile, bold-faced liars such as Haley, Rycroft and the rest of them.

He reminds me of a Russian Nigel Farage (when he gets angry in the EU Parliament), and we desperately need more passionate, assertive people like Safronkov on our side, not fewer.


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