No clear answers given at Zelensky’s marathon news conference, says expert

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MOSCOW, October 11. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky who held a 14-hour news conference in Kiev on Thursday has been unable to give clear answers on issues that people are concerned about, Director of the Russian Center for Current Politics Alexei Chesnakov told TASS.

“The general impression from yesterday’s marathon news conference is that no clear answers were given to a single question,” he said. “The Ukrainian president either says ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I cannot influence that’ in regard to everything. Or, if he says something specific unintentionally, he makes reservations that it’s not for sure and that other options are possible.”

“Peace in Donbass is a necessity, but it’s unclear whether or not it will be achieved. There is no alternative to the Minsk accords, but other agreements could be signed as well. It is essential to meet with the Russian president, but ‘everyone is opposed to that’,” he cited some of Zelensky’s remarks. “That’s the way he comments on all other issues. The same ‘trademark’ mess of unintelligible ideas and uncertainty that he presented to voters during the presidential election.”

“It seems that this is not just cunningness but, rather, a character trait, which will not change. He says proudly that he always speaks his mind. In that case he has not a single idea brought to the level of conviction. [That demonstrates] Zelensky’s uncertainty principle, which some may like,” Chesnakov concluded.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s president held a 14-hour marathon press conference in Kiev. The event’s organizers said at least 300 journalists could ask their questions.


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