NPA candidate Philippe Poutou holds pro-war campaign meeting in Paris

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NPA candidate Philippe Poutou holds pro-war campaign meeting in Paris

Alex Lantier

21 April 2017

On Wednesday night, the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) held the final campaign meeting of its presidential candidate, Philippe Poutou, in the north suburbs of Paris. Around 1,000 people were at the meeting, where NPA members backed the US-led war drive against Syria and Russia and made tactical criticisms of the Socialist Party (PS), amid the historic collapse of the PS, which has been discredited by President François Hollande’s administration.

The NPA speaks for a constituency within the upper-middle class that has monopolized for decades what passed for “extreme left” politics in France, just as the media falsely presented PS policies of war and austerity as representing “socialism.” Led by forces of the post-1968 student movement, the NPA attracts different layers of youth. Some preparing a career in official politics dutifully posed for TV interviews in suit and tie, and others wore expensive “alternative” clothes; one guest speaker from Italy discussed a plan on gender violence she will propose to the Italian state.

Towards the working class, however, the NPA is bitterly hostile. It repeatedly supported the election of pro-austerity governments of the PS in France and of Syriza (the “Coalition of the Radical Left”) in Greece. Above all, it rabidly supports the imperialist wars through which the financial dominance of the leading imperialist powers, and thus the wealth of the NPA’s upper-middle class constituency, is maintained.

This was the subject of the first main contribution at Poutou’s rally, by NPA spokeswoman Christine Poupin, who presented a report supposedly on internationalism, but that was in fact a full-throated defense of…

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