On the Road to Tashkent: Uzbekistan resolutely transforms its economy to welcome investment and enhance the American partnership. Senator Sodyq Safoyev, former Ambassador to the United States. Christopher Nixon Cox, Lichtenstein Institute.

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The Boys College, Tashkent. w the present moment this figure is doubtless largely exceeded.The civil administration, which, as everywhere in Russia, is elab-orate and highly manned, brings a population of its own, undera Governor-General of Turkestan at Tashkent, a Governor of theTrans-Caspian Territory at Askhabad, and Governors at Samar-kand and at Margelan, the administrative centre of Fergana. Allthe public offices are fine commodious buildings, the officials andtheir families live in much comfort, indeed, often in luxury, andthe foreign shops in the chief towns are large and well stocked. ADMINISTRATION IN CENTRAL ASIA 279 There are admirable schools for Russian children, and manynative schools for teaching Russian and elementary subjects.Two prisons I inspected, and that of Tashkent was, so far asI could see, excellent. The other, a mere guard-room in the cita-del of Andijan* was not creditable, for the twenty or thirtyprisoners were crowded together in one apartment without dis

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