Plane crash landing in Moscow region leaves 23 injured

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MOSCOW, August 15. /TASS/. The number of people who suffered injuries in the crash landing of a Ural Airlines flight en route from Moscow to Simferopol has risen to 23, an emergency source told TASS.

“A total of 23 people have been injured, including nine children aged between two and nine,” the source said.

Four passengers have been hospitalized, according to an official from the Federal Air Transport Agency.

“Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft struck a flock of gulls, some of the birds were sucked into its engines… The emergency landing took place on a cornfield less than one kilometer away from the airport’s runway,” the official said.

“There was no fire on board. The crew used inflatable escape slides to evacuate the passengers,” the aviation authority added.

A probe has been launched into the accident, Spokesperson for the Moscow Inter-Regional Transport Prosecutor’s Office Yekaterina Korotkova told TASS.

An Airbus A321 made a crash landing near Zhukovsky International Airport in the Moscow region earlier on Thursday. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the plane struck a flock of birds shortly after takeoff. There were 226 passengers and seven crew members aboard the aircraft.


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