Poland Summons Russian Ambassador Over Media Reports On Airspace Closure For Aircraft With Medical Aid To Italy

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Russian ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev was sumonned by the Polish Foreign Ministry over reports of Russian media outlets that Poland had closed airspace for Russian IL-76 aircraft delivering medical aid and medics to Italy. The Russian Defense Ministry has been involved in an active campaign to help Italy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Dozens pieces of military equipment and over 100 specialists were deployed.

However, Russian aircraft are using a long ruote through the Black Sea to deliver the help. This fact became a source of multiple media reports speculating on the topic. Aleksey Pushkov, a Russian Senator and a former chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs.

“Poland did not let Russian aircraft carrying aid to Italy pass through its airspace. This is meanness at the level of public policy. Moreover, the help was for an ally of Poland in the EU and NATO. From now on, Russia should not meet Poland half-way, on any issue,” Pushkov wrote.

However, as SouthFront assumed earlier it appeared that the Russian side had not sent an official request to Poland. Commenting on the situation, Andreev said the Russian side had not contated Poland regarding the passage of aircraft. So, “there are no grounds for complaint against official authorities.” As to reports in media, the Russian side said that it is not responsible for coverage of the situation that goes from not official sources.



from https://southfront.org/poland-summons-russian-ambassador-over-media-reports-on-airspace-closure-for-aircraft-with-medical-aid-to-italy/

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