Poland's Ruling Elite Want to Hand Over 30% of Residential Property to 'Holocaust' Survivors

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The history of PiS (Law & Justice party) is almost entirely unknown outside of Poland. During the final year of communism the “round table talks” were held at Magdalenka, a small village near Warsaw, in 1989.

The participants have controlled Poland since, regardless of whether they are on the right or on the left. Many Poles believe they conspired at these talks to share power over the country indefinitely while excluding nationalistic right-wing parties like Konfederacja.

There are rumors that many of these participants, including the Kaczyńskis, are freemasons, but this is largely speculation.

Notable participants at Magdalenka include:

  • Adam Michnik (born Aaron Schechter) – a right-liberal Jew who is the brother of communist murderer Stefan Michnik. Michnik’s father was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Western Ukraine.
  • Tadeusz Mazowiecki – The first Prime Minister of Poland after the fall of communism. He was responsible for evicting the Carmelite nuns from Auschwitz on the orders of World Jewish Congress president Edgar Bronfman. His leadership was so disastrous he received only 18% in his bid for re-election. It is believed in Poland that he is of Jewish ancestry, though he has never admitted to it.
  • Lech Wałęsa – The President of Poland from 1990-1995. This Nobel Prize winning opportunist, famous for “Solidarity,” was recently revealed to have been a communist informant. 
  • Aleksander Kwaśniewski – The President of Poland from 1995-2005. He founded the Democratic Left Alliance. He played an important role in dragging Poland into the iraq war despite it being immensely unpopular. He too was on the secret police’s payroll during the communist years.
  • Leszek Cezary Miller – The Prime Minister of Poland from 2001 to 2004. The crypto-Jewish leader of the Democratic Left Alliance from 1999 to 2004 and again from 2011 to 2016.
  • Lech Kaczyński – Founded PiS in 2001. He was President of Poland from 2005 until his death in Smolensk in 2010.
  • Jarosław Kaczyński – Another founder of PiS. Jarosław is the current leader of PiS and the power behind the throne.

This band of careerists and gangsters, sponsored by Washington and Brussels, have kept an iron grip on the modern Polish politics since the fall of the iron curtain. 

S447: An Attack on the Polish People

Out of a pre-war population of 3.2 million, it is claimed that 3 million Polish-Jews died in World War II. For the 1.2 million Polish-Jews and their descendants living in Israel alone, there is a growing elite consensus that they are entitled to parts of Poland that they claim their ancestors used to own.

Before WW2, Jews owned the most valuable real estate in the centers of major cities and towns, while Poles were concentrated in rural parts. Warsaw was 30% Jewish, Białystok 42%, Tarnów 50%, Grodno 50%. Oświęcim, home of the Austrian military barracks that would later become Auschwitz, was 50% Jewish.
In this context, we can begin to understand the historical tension between Poles and Jews. The Polish fear of Jewish conquest, “JudeoPolonia,” is part of our national memory. “The Year 3333, or the Incredible Dream,” for example, is a 200 year old Polish book portraying a dystopian future where Poland is completely dominated by Jews. Teodor Jeske-Choiński expressed our fear in his 1912 fictional novel, embodied in a scene in the novel in which a Jewish character states “If you do not allow us to establish a ‘Judeo-Polonia state’ and a nation of ‘Judeo-Polish people,’ we will strangle you!”

For years we sensed that Jews would use a superpower to achieve this, in those days, we thought it would be Germany.

As it turned out, this wasn’t a baseless fear, but it wasn’t the Germans who would be used to help achieve this goal. Jewish communism, what we call Żydokomuna, installed a Jewish dictatorship over Poland. During the Soviet invasion, many Jews helped the Red Army and committed numerous atrocities. Today, international Jewry has abandoned communism for world capitalism, and is using Donald Trump’s America to “strangle” us. The weapon of choice is S447 (Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST)), which is the greatest existential threat to Poland in recent memory. 

The Zionist racial bigotry behind S447 was foreshadowed by Israel Singer of the World Jewish Congress in 1996: 

“More than 3 million Jews died in Poland and Poles will not be the heirs of Polish Jews. We will never allow it. We will harass them until Poland is ice covered again. If Poland fails to satisfy Jewish demands, it will be publicly humiliated and attacked internationally . –  secretary general of the World Jewish Congress”

Section 3 of Act 447, the provision for heirless property, is the part that reveals the law’s intent. Under existing laws, heirless property becomes the property of the state. After WW2 there was a lot of property without owners (whether owned by Poles or Jews), and it has been sold ever since. This law has the potential to cause national havoc, as the vast majority of Poles own their own homes. Even in the relatively cosmopolitan capital of Warsaw, 79% of city-dwellers own their homes and apartments. 

Under S447, any Polish-Jew or descendent of said Polish Jew can lay claim to property to property deemed heirless and sold after the war, thus all land that can be claimed to have been owned by Jews before 1939 will be transferred to the global Jewish diaspora. If this law is put into practice, approximately 30% of Warsaw homeowners will be forced to pay “rent” to random Jews claiming to be Holocaust survivors or their descendants in New York City and Tel Aviv. 

This financial burden will devastate already struggling Polish families. The law has set off a furious debate. The Polish side of the story is that heirless property, regardless of who it belongs to, should be given to the state, not Jews who are not even Polish citizens. Poland has a normal and fair judicial process for the restitution of property. If anyone, including foreign Jews, can actually prove their property was illegally seized from them, there is an existing court process to reclaim it. 

The Polish people are cognizant of what is actually going on: Palestinization in our own lands.

Pressure from the US government is only reason this law is even being considered. While Donald Trump appeals to the West and Polish patriotism in his speeches, his government’s actions say something radically different. Last February, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded the Polish state pass this law.  Last August, the American congress urged more pressure on the Polish state to get S447 through.  

PiS’ Role 

Recent actions by PiS have put Poland on edge. It is difficult to think of anything more universally unpopular in Poland than S447. PiS is refusing to defend us on this issue with the US, even as he signs away our sovereignty with a “defense pact” that will massively increase the already significant American military presence in Poland.   

On May 15, 2019 PiS removed a bill to block S.477 from the Sejm agenda. MP Tomasz Rzymkowski remarked, “This is no longer the Sejm, it is already a Knesset… it was most likely a telephone from Tel Aviv, which clearly ordered to withdrawal of this bill.” Konfederacja organized a protest in Warsaw that weekend. Georgette Mosbacher, American ambassador to Poland, expressed fury at these protests. The same ambassador provoked outrage by mocking Poland with wishes of a “happy passover” during Easter. In better times, she would’ve been asked to leave.

Polish media has been complicit, trying to convince citizens of accepting an inconceivable attack on their rights by calling them Russian agents. Michał Rachoń, the editor of PiS controlled TVP Info and Polish Radio, recently said “The only purpose of causing this row in the political sense was to cause alleged anti-Semitism in Poland in order to weaken the possibility of making a decision to deploy American troops. It did not succeed, as we can see, so I think it was all just one quite large and significant operation of the Russian Federation.” 

Plutocrats and the United States believe they are on the brink of stealing Polish land, all for the benefit of the Jew. As with many times in our history, we will resist.

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