“President Trump is Detached From Reality” Sean Spicer Takes On CNN Reporter

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“President Trump is Detached From Reality” Sean Spicer Takes On CNN Reporter

sean spicer delivers a press conference at the white house press room during this live press briefing press secretary sean spicer briefs reporters for president donald trump on trump news all things related politics, this one clip in particular was a exchange between sean spicer and a cnn reporter jim acosta he tries to make the white house look bad and say trump is detached from reality because of healthcare and obamacare repeal and statements he said about the military sean spicer lets him know whats really going on fox news was present and asked a question about russia nunes and putin investigation and also a statement by hillary clinton on spicers statements to april the previous day , sean spicer appears on snl frequently for comedy where they spread lies about his full spicy character this segment usually gets discussed on tucker carlson tonight later on in the evening , sean spicer destroys this reporter and it should be a lesson to stop projecting your agenda during a spicer speech sean spicer closes the meeting for trumps women conference live, other stations including msnbc asked questions about putin and russia and apparent lies about news today this is the full clip

original air date: 3/29/ 2017


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