PressTV-Why Trump makes noise about Iran nuclear deal

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President Donald Trump is keeping the United States in the Iran nuclear agreement, but he is “making a bunch of noise” to appeal to his base, says an American scholar and political commentator in Wisconsin.

“The problem of course is that Trump has no idea what’s in the deal. He doesn’t read anything,” Kevin Barrett said in an interview on Saturday.

“So what he’s doing, I think, is making a bunch of noise that allows him to continue to appear to his base as if he is sticking by his position, which has been very strongly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal,” Barrett added.

Trump on Friday extended the waivers of nuclear-related economic sanctions against Iran that were lifted under the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

However, Trump threatened to pull out of the deal in a few months if European allies did not fix its “terrible flaws.”

“This is a last chance. In the absence of such an…

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