Project Veritas – Pinterest Insider Speaks Out: “The tech companies can’t fight us all”

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Last Tuesday, Project Veritas broke a story about Pinterest’s sneaky censorship tactics but I had no idea that my website was involved until the following day, when a subscriber told me she’d seen Tim Pool’s podcast mention FKTV in reference to the Pinterest story.

Over the years, FKTV has never been called “Fake News” by the likes of the Poynter Institute, Wikipedia, PropOrNot or the other (Soros-financed) fact-checking organizations but when I went to Project Veritas, I saw that what Pinterest has done is something blatantly deceitful. Pinterest has placed the domain on their blacklist of p-rnographic websites, along with other alt news, natural health and pro-life websites, like and Pinterest users are blocked from posting our web addresses on their site.

This news came just as I learned that one of my favorite YouTube creators, Black Pigeon Speaks, with over 500,000 subscribers just had his entire account deleted from YouTube without any warning. Those who’ve seen BPS’ great work on this website know that he never engages in any hate speech or profanity.

With thousands of accounts deleted from YouTube and Facebook in recent weeks, I was beginning to feel dejected and overwhelmed by the Fascist juggernaut. Then I saw Project Veritas’ interview of the Pinterest whistleblower. Eric Cochran is the young engineer who came forward. He explains here the inner peace that he felt when Pinterest fired him.

“I could live in the comforts of life and I could go on for 80 years and make money…and then I’ll just fall to ashes. I think that’s how a lot of people live their lives and it’s hard to break out of that rhythm, there’s like an inertia…to me, this was just such an obvious choice because I saw wrongdoing…this is something that, no matter what happens, no matter what I lose, it’ll mean something after I’m gone…

“All the things that we think are so important, like our status on social media even our reputations online, they don’t matter and that’s really how the tech establishment controls people…fear, intimidation that you’re gonna be a social outcast but those things aren’t real…it’s just fake stuff and there’s so many people in the real world who do support you and who do have your back and you’re making all the difference for the country and for the world and for humanity when you come forward and you tell people what’s really going on inside of these dark censorship bureaus.

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