Putin urges for utmost freedom, best conditions for startups

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MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. Maximum comfortable conditions should be created for startups, while creative people should be given ultimate freedom, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the AI Journey conference on Saturday.

“Not only in the artificial intelligence field are the people, their talent and energy the main driving factor of success, but in all the fields of technological development,” Putin said. “We must ensure maximum freedom for creativity and for business initiative. We must create better conditions, a favorable and friendly environment for each who launches a startup, who takes risks, rolling out breakthrough products onto the market.”

According to the president, those people should be reassured that they are needed, that they will get support and that they will achieve success nowhere else but in Russia.

Putin pointed out that he was aware similar conferences on artificial intelligence are not held in Moscow alone and thanked the organizers. He underlined that “it is an absolutely right idea which is aimed at setting up a community of associates nationwide.”

Putin labeled the artificial intelligence systems as “the climax of cutting-edge technology.” He added that he had come to the AI conference to demonstrate the Russian government’s attitude to this issue.

“Those are breakthrough achievements of natural sciences and humanities, from maths and physics to psychology and linguistics, that accumulate artificial intelligence,” the president stressed. “It is difficult to find an example in history of this fusion of all sorts of knowledge and various subjects.”

According to Putin, it is a step into terra incognita, like space exploration and outstanding geographical discoveries. Putin underscored that a strong artificial intelligence could lay a foundation and become a breakthrough for mankind.

“These prospects is an attractive and daring challenge for courageous, talented and enthusiastic people, first of all, for the youth, for the young people who are not afraid of dreaming and working hard,” the Russian leader said adding more and more such people are coming forward.

According to Putin, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, students and engineers are keen on science and technological breakthroughs and they team up nationwide, looking for new solutions, inventing things and making discoveries.

from https://tass.com/politics/1087843

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