Reactions to Beto's Candidacy in Bernie's Largest Facebook Group, Bernie Sanders for President 2020

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Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Trump’s 2020 Budget Proposal Senator Bernie Sanders lays into President Trump’s 2020 budget proposal during Budget Director Russell Vought’s testimony before the Senate Budget …
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Helen Kiljoy York

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If there are enough candidates still in the running by the first vote at the convention, it could lead to no candidate having enough delehates. The it would go to a second vote and those pesky superdelegates suddenly appear, and knowing them they will throw their support to the corporate democrat…aka Biden.

To win this thing we have to win the primaries…in every state! Do not be distracted.


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I received Beto’s candidacy email Thursday morning and then submitted it as an OpEdNews article. I then posted the article in Facebook’s largest Sanders group. These are the honest reactions, verbatim, with no editing. Some of them are harsh and propaganda-like, even sometimes inaccurate, but they are all fervent and honest opinions.

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I posted this because it is news. Please don’t assume I am supporting Beto over Bernie, which I am not. I posted it to apprise Bernie supporters of some new competition. If you just want to dump on Beto, you not only miss his merits but you miss out on someone who is going to be competition.

I still support Bernie Sanders above all others, but Beto’s presence will be powerful and commanding, and might even convince Joe Biden to not run, which would help Bernie, as I see it.

I see a path for Beto to clobber Cruz in 2024, perhaps to be selected by Bernie for VP, if that were to be Bernie’s choice, which won’t happen because Bernie wants a woman for VP.

I had until very recently wanted to see Beto run in 2020 against the senior Senator from Texas, Republican John Cornyn. Beto did extremely well in the DFA 2020 poll, in which there were 24 candidates; if you removed the bottom 21, Bernie came out on top quite easily, but Beto came out #2, .40% ahead of Biden.

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My OPEDNEWS.COM article:

Beto O’Rourke is Running for President:

Description of article, direct quote from Beto: “At this moment of truth where we could make or break our democracy, where we will decide the fate of generations to come, we must all ask what we can give to this country and to the people who will inherit the consequences of our choices. The connected crises in our economy, our democracy and our c…

Michael E Cummins “Beto took $400,000+ from big oil! Beto broke the fossil fuel act that he signed. He waffles on Medicare for all. “See More

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