Revival of the Domestic Gas Turbine Construction: Work on the Creation of a Powerful Gas Turbine in Russia Is in Full Swing

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In the foreseeable future, Russia will displace the leading producers of high-capacity gas turbines on the world market. Today, the best domestic specialists work on the creation of gas turbine units. All interested parties able to make a significant contribution to the implementation of the project were involved in the works. The other day, journalists were shown how new products are designed, and allowed to make a few photos of parts of future products.

According to experts, currently the combustion chambers for the GTE-65 unit are being tested and adjusted. This version of the gas turbine power plant will be less powerful than the GTE-170. The number in the name denotes the power of the product (MW). Designers are also working on the modernisation of the experimental research base in order to increase the parameters of the benches for testing units at loads as close to real as possible.

The estimated year that the serial production of GTE-65 and GTE-170 will start is 2024. “Silovyye Mashiny” takes the leading role in the design of the units. The company has every opportunity to produce high-capacity gas turbine plants. In addition to excellent personnel and spacious workshops, “Silovyye Mashiny” have infrastructure access to the water, which makes it easier to transport units or components.

As was previously reported, the state will cover up to half of the costs of developing and designing domestic high-capacity gas turbines. “Silovyye Mashiny” have already applied for a research and development subsidy. The results of the contest will be announced on November 25th of this year.

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In the light of these events, one cannot but mention the German concern Siemens, which is one of the leaders in the market of high-power gas turbine plants. Of course, the loss of a client such as Russia (as well as the receipt of a new competitor) will greatly affect the revenues of the corporation in this industry. But Siemens experts decided that joint work with the Russian Federation looks more promising than competition. It was no coincidence that there was talk of German capital participation in the possible creation of gas turbine production in Russia.

It is important that today the country has the necessary conditions and opportunities for the full restoration of production of powerful domestic gas turbine plants. Given the range of parties and personnel involved in “Silovyye Mashiny”, it is possible to boldly call this work a national project. It indeed mobilised Russia’s engineering and technical elite and created a demand for competent, talented specialists. There is no doubt that in 5 years this team will be able to present a unique product.

Nikolay Kireyev

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