Russian Academics Unveil Truth that Antarctica is Not What we Think it is: Perhaps even more interesting, recently some Antarctic caves were found to…

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Did you know Antarctica is the 5th largest country on Earth? It is barely touched by humankind at all, with a human population consisting of only really a few thousand scientists with bases set up with government cooperation.

Some ways to visit the continent as a tourist exist, for instance, flights from Australia to simply fly over Antarctica but not land there. Some people are braver and actually visit, and are awarded with breathtaking (or breath freezing) sights.

However, some things we think we know about Antarctica might be completely false. For instance, if you thought Antarctica was simply frozen solid, think again. According to Simple Capacity:

“According to Russia, what this is really about has been kept as a Top Secret by the government of the United States of America and the Russian government. No one has spoken about that until now!

What has attracted the interest of a lot of great world leaders is the fact that Russia released an information that there is another continent hidden underneath the ice in Antarctica! It is believed by many people that this is where an ancient civilization has been hidden for many centuries…”

The fact is, and props to the US government and its allies for never telling anyone this, but hundreds and hundreds of water, not ice lakes exist beneath the surface of Antarctica. According to Russian scientists, the fresh water had been isolated and hidden for over 10 million years.

For about a decade, these scientists painstakingly drilled through Antarctic ice to reach the biggest lake they could apparently find. In the drilled hole, an elevator was installed. It required a team of 8 underneath the massive Antarctic ice sheet to reveal that the lakes were hidden there.

Perhaps even more interesting, recently some Antarctic caves were found to be home to a “new world” of plants and animals, able to thrive there because of heat from a volcano.

Beneath the Ross Island volcano Mount Erebus, Antarctic ice cave systems could be the breeding ground for an exciting new world, according to scientists from Australia National University.

The Australian researchers analyzed some DNA they obtained from the icy caves, and found samples they couldn’t even identify.

The caves in close proximity to the volcanic Mount Erebus are among the very hottest locations in Antarctica, up there with other geothermally heated regions.

There is surely a lot we aren’t being told about the South Pole. For more info on the topic, this is an extremely entertaining short documentary.

(Image credit: National Geographic, Wall Street OTC, Wallpaper Web, Nathab)

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