Russian military pilots win Aviadarts international competition

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MOSCOW, August 15. /TASS/. The Russian team has won the Aviadarts contest at the 2019 International Army Games, the press office of Russia’s Aerospace Force reported on Thursday.

“The team of the Russian Federation has won the Aviadarts 2019 Cup,” the press office said.

The second place went to Chinese pilots while Belarus and Kazakhstan shared the third place. Russian military pilots scored victories in four out of seven categories: fighter, bomber, long-range and army aviation (combat helicopters). The Chinese pilots triumphed in the military transport aviation category.

The Belarussian and Kazakhstani pilots “became the winners in the army aviation (combat transport helicopters) and attack aviation contests, respectively,” the press office of Russia’s Aerospace Force specified.

As Aviadarts Chief Referee, Major General Oleg Makovetsky stressed, “the finalists were determined only after the results of combat employment were summed up, although representatives of Russia were in the lead as soon as after the first stage — the physical fitness exercise.”

The Russian team also grabbed four silvers and two bronzes, China — two silvers and two bronzes while Belarus and Kazakhstan won one medal each. The medal ceremony will take place at the Dyagilevo airfield in the Ryazan Region in central Russia on August 17.

Overall, 43 crews representing Russia, China, Belarus and Kazakhstan took part in the Aviadarts 2019 competition.


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