Syrian Army, SDF troops beat back Turkish-backed militants in northeast Syria

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Syrian Army

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:30 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were able to flip the tables on the Turkish-backed militants this afternoon, as their joint defenses foiled the latter’s push into the Abu Rasin area.

According to a military source in nearby Tal Tamr, the Syrian Army and SDF regained the initiative near the towns of Umm Sha’yfah and Al-Qassamiyah and drove back the Turkish-backed militants towards the key border city of Ras Al-‘Ayn.

The source said the Syrian Arab Army suffered at over 15 casualties during the battle, including 3 soldiers killed. He could not confirm any casualties for the Syrian Democratic Forces.

He would add that the Turkish-backed militants suffered more casualties than both the SDF and SAA as the so-called “Syrian National Army” was ultimately forced to fall back after suffering these losses.

The Turkish-backed militants are still heavily shelling the area, but it appears, for now, that their advance has been forestalled by the SDF and SAA.


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