The DPR Reported More Details About the Recent Deaths of 2 SBU Colonels at the Contact Line

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Senior officers of the “Alfa” special unit of the Security Service of Ukraine died on the contact line. They tried to infiltrate the DPR as part of a subversive group of four people, said the press officer of the DPR Ministry of State Security Mikhail Popov.

“On November 30th 2019 two employees of the SBU were killed: Colonel (Denis) Volochayev and Colonel (Dmitry) Kaplunov,” he said. “The task of the group was to seize one of the key positions of the forces of the DPR. When the sabotage group entered the territory of the Republic, the activities of the saboteur and reconnaissance group were identified by the People’s Militia. During the retreat Colonel Kaplunov was blown up and died on the spot, and Colonel Volochayev, in an attempt to evacuate his body, also was blown up by a mine.”

At the request of the Donetsk News Agency, the DPR Ministry of State Security explained that the incident occurred in the area of Starolaspa (Mariupol direction).

Popov added that Volochayev’s body was evacuated by the Ukrainian side, and Kaplunov – by DPR soldiers. “We are ready to hand over the body of the deceased officer of the SBU to his relatives so that they can say a decent goodbye to him,” added Popov.

As the deputy head of the leadership of the People’s Militia of the DPR Eduard Basurin, who was present at the briefing, in turn added, special equipment and weapons produced by the United States were found at the scene of the incident. “Locations of improvised explosive devices were identified. The IEDs discovered by our sappers were destroyed on the spot by the explosion. Elements of the devices were taken for a thorough examination,” said Basurin.

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The People’s Militia of the DPR also presented the things of the dead officers: helmets, armour vests, three grenade launchers, medical kits, backpacks, uniforms, batteries for radios, money.

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