The Idea of the United States Is to Split Orthodoxy Into Greek and Slavic

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Instead of united Orthodoxy there will be a parade of schismatics who are equated with canonical Churches

The idea of the United States is to first split Orthodoxy into Greek and Slavic. And then they will work with each one individually.

I will say more for those who did not understand what is going on: it’s not even about the Holy Church of Ukraine [formerly known as the Orthodox Church of Ukraine – ed]. It is an attempt to destroy Orthodoxy as such.

For this purpose, there is also support for schismatics (not only the HCU – I have already written that the split of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (Agafangel), which operates on the territory of a number of Churches, is directly influenced by the CIA and American diplomats) and the suppression of canonical Churches.

Enmity is created between the Churches, against the background of which schismatics of various colours will be supported. The idea is that instead of united Orthodoxy there will be a parade of schismatics who will be equated with canonical Churches, and as far as strength and ability – to unite then into a certain Union of Sword and Plough [a reference to the novel The Twelve Chairs – Ostap Bender creates a mythical underground organisation that he invented in order to loot money – ed], and thus bury the canonical Church. At the same time, the schismatics themselves will be much grateful to the United States for such activities, and some are initially under the administration of that country. And as a result, there will be a number of structures that will be: a) politically oriented; b) under the direct and strong influence of the United States; and c) these pseudo-Orthodox structures will be presented as true Orthodoxy.

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Aleksandr Voznesensky

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