The Reason the US Navy Suspended Its Exercises Near Kamchatka: Launches of the “Vulkan” System

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The happening test firing of the anti-ship “Vulkan” system, one of the most powerful in the world, near Kamchatka forced a sea grouping of the US fleet to interrupt its exercises.

What is the Volcano complex?

It is 10 meter missile flying with a speed of about 2500 km/h low over a water surface and delivering nearly 800 kg of combat load to the target.

This system was created for fighting against the most powerful sea groupings of a probable enemy.

First of all, it is a defensive system. Formally, its main objective is aircraft carriers. The main platform for this type of missiles are ships and submarines.

Drills staged with use of “Vulkan” forced a grouping of the US fleet to suspend its exercises in the zone of training of the Russian forces.

Later, the situation was commented on in relation to safety issues. The Russian side always warns in advance about actions of this sort.

The US considers that the only country in the world that can resist their assault fleet is Russia.

The powerful anti-ship means of the Russian Federation are being developed, using the practices of the times of the USSR. A distinctive feature of domestic weapons of this type is the increased power and high speed of delivery to the target.

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