The State Department’s New Instruction Manual Dreams of One Million Detainees During Rallies in Moscow

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Numerous sources and experts confirm that the meetings of the so-called “opposition” that took place in Moscow in recent weeks were coordinated and paid for from abroad. In particular, the Canadian journalist and the blogger Eva Bartlett reported about the open advertising by the US Embassy in Moscow of a meeting concert on August 10th on the Sakharov Avenue.

The blogger and member of the advisory council for the development of information society and media at the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vadim Manukyan, citing his own source – a person cooperating with the ECHR in Strasbourg, provides information from the western instruction manuals for the organisation and illumination of protests in Moscow.

New “State Department Manual”: The number of detainees should exceed a million

We already got used to hearing about the notorious “instruction manuals of the State Department”, which is periodically updated, and even got used to accepting it with humour. But one should not be so jokey with this topic either.

My source cooperating with the ECHR in Strasbourg, on terms of the most strict anonymity, reported that in connection with the meeting activity that amplified recently in Moscow, the notorious western “instruction manual for Russia” has indeed changed. In the instruction that was distributed in the ECHR a lot of new things appeared, and on the basis of these innovations it is possible to say with good reason that it concerns full-scale foreign intervention, which sets as its purpose the removal of the duly elected government in Russia.

The fact that our pro-West “opposition” even more often insists on processions and meetings, constantly calling also to attend unauthorised rallies, it is not a coincidence. It is a pity that at the same time they set up people who go beyond the idea and who are not aware of the deceitful plans coming from the US. These plans are obediently followed by the organisers of a protest who, apparently, will continue to bring people to the streets under any, even the most insignificant, excuses.

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Thus, according to the new instruction, now everyone “diligently resisting during detention” (it is a literal quote) at an illegal meeting will immediately receive a lawyer. The terms of consideration of complaints in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg concerning the actions of the Russian security officers during detentions at protest actions are reduced. Now when filing a complaint at the ECHR, it is not necessary to wait years for a decision: it is possible to expect a positive judgment six months, at most a year, after the submission of a complaint.

This is indirectly confirmed, by the way, by the information of the lawyer Pavel Chikov, who is actively engaged in the cases of persons detained during illegal meetings. On his Telegram channel there is information that all the cases concerning mass disorder in Moscow on July 27th that will reach the ECHR will have lawyer support.

There is one more extremely important innovation in the western instruction on protest activity in Russia that my source reported on.

He literally said the following:

“As is envisioned by western curators, the total number of detainees for all the latest protest actions must exceed one million. Yes, you did not mishear, it is not about quantity taking to the streets, namely about the number of detainees”.

“Why it is necessary?” my interlocutor said to me. “Naturally, to accuse the Russian authorities of ‘tyranny’ and to transmit this idea to the whole world”.

According to his information, in harmony with the western plan, the number one million will eventually become the last straw for a change of government in the Russian Federation. The US wants to reach 1 million at approximately by the end of the 2020/the beginning of 2021. And constant payments for ECHR rulings, especially for one million people, as was conceived by western curators, are supposed to weaken the Russian economy. Here are the main bullet points of this instruction, or if you want, “State Department instruction manual”. It’s a subtle game, but some of its details are now known to us.

Background info

As a reminder, the meeting activity in Moscow that developed into mass violations of the law turned out to be a consequence of the provocative activity of a dozen nominees who called themselves “independent candidates” for the Moscow City Duma. The electoral commission lawfully refused to register these candidates because of numerous violations during the collection of signatures. “Factories” for making false signatures, both the “autographs” of dead persons, frank fakes, and outright forgeries were also documented, and there were also other violations.

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Incited by provokers, several thousands of people, including non-residents, came to Moscow to attend protest actions, most of which were illegal. Two rallies were coordinated: on July 20th and on August 10th. However, even the sanctioned rallies of provokers calling themselves “oppositionists” turned into mass disorder, as was the case, for example, on August 10th, when after a permitted concert on Sakharov Avenue some hooligans tried to breakthrough into the center of Moscow.

Politicians and experts express the opinion that, in fact, western political strategists deploy “Maidan” technologies in Moscow aimed at destabilising the situation in Russia in an attempt to replace the legitimate authority in our country.


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