Trump says Turkey is doing a ‘good job’ in northern Syria

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BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:10 P.M.) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the safe area on the Turkish-Syrian border is working well, as he praised what Turkey is doing in that part of Syria.

Trump said during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on the sidelines of the NATO summit in the United Kingdom, that he had an unplanned meeting with his Turkish counterpart.

“It was a good meeting, we discussed Syria and the Kurds,” Trump told reporters.

“The border area and the safe zone are working well, and I give a lot of credit to Turkey for that. They have done a good job there,” he said.

The Turkish National Security Council said on Tuesday, November 26th that the Peace Spring operation in northern Syria will continue until it achieves its objectives.

The council said in a statement: “We expect the parties to the Safe Zone Agreement in Syria to complete the clearance of terrorists as soon as possible, including Tal Rifa’at and Manbij.”

He added: “Our state, which does not evade any burden or responsibility in the fight against terrorism continues to fight ISIS ‘resolutely’.

The Turkish National Security Council called on the international community to “support Ankara in securing the voluntary and safe return of Syrians to their homes without any religious or ethnic discrimination.”


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