Turkey accuses US of theft over occupation of Syria’s oil fields

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US claims to Syria’s oil fields are absolutely illegitimate and have no basis in international law, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said, according to Turkish television.

“They [the US] acknowledge and openly state that they are present there [in Syria] because of oil fields. No one has a right to Syrian resources. They came here, across thousands of kilometers, and said ‘We will evaluate the oil fields of this country’. This contradicts the norms of international law,” Cavusoglu said, his remarks cited by the A Haber tv channel.

The Turkish authorities have joined their Russian and Iranian counterparts in condemning the U.S. for occupying Syria’s oil fields.

While Turkey has cutoff diplomatic relations with Syria, they have still remained opposed to the U.S.’ presence inside the country

Source: Sputnik


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