Turkish Military Establishes ‘Observation Post’ Near Kafir In Greater Idlib (Video)

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On March 26, the Turkish military begin working to establish yet another “observation post” in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

According to opposition sources, the post is located near the town of Kafir in northwestern Idlib. The town overlooks the strategic M4 highway, which links the port city of Lattakia with Aleppo city.

A day earlier, unknown radical militants blew up a bridge right next to Kafir, effectively blocking a long strip of the M4 highway.

Besides establishing a new post, the Turkish military also sent fresh reinforcements to Greater Idlib. A large convoy, consisting of battle tanks and armored vehicles, entered the region in the early hours of the morning.

Earlier this month, Turkey and Russia reached a new agreement on Greater Idlib focused on the reopening of the M4 highway. Ankara, which is busy strengthening its military presence in the Syrian region, is yet to fulfil this term.

A strong Turkish military presence on the M4 could facilitate the reopening of the M4 highway. However, Ankara may be just preparing for another military confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.



from https://southfront.org/turkish-military-establishes-observation-post-near-kafir-in-greater-idlib-video/

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