Two Worlds 2 Dar Pha UNMASKED, and she's Cute

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So as incredibly as it may sound to you and everyone else out there looking for Dar Pha UNMASKED, except for us, there isn’t a single source on the entire internet except for us which showed photos of Dar Pha unmasked. Well after we published this, others may too but HEY remember, we were the first!

Our hot beautiful friend Dar Pha whom the player seems rather obsessed about and maybe even in love, is not just a half-human – half-orc female after all, and yeah he’s really obsessed with his Dar Pha.

Orias the rat was explaining to the nameless hero that Adramelech is going to destroy the world and this and that and the hero is like “I don’t care, where is Dar Pha, I will kill everyone in my path, I just want to save Dar Pha!” Orias is like “but the apocalypse…..?” then the hero: “I don’t care, the world can end, I want my Dar Pha!” LOL that was funny!

So you thought Dar Pha is gonna die? Well she did die but fortunately our hero was accidentally sent back into the past 7 days before she was killed by a bunch of giant rats who called themselves “the chosen” even though they were just some experiments of the Tenebrae meant to live like… well… slave rats who clean up after the Tenebrae.

In Two Worlds 2 Call of the Tenebrae we finally get to discover that Dar Pha is in fact a half-human – half-ELF and she has concealed her identity out of fear of being hunted down because the elves were already almost fully genocided with only 1000 or so of them still left alive in some hidden place which only Dar Pha knows about because she’s half-elf.

Unknown to us why, at least for now, Dar Pha bares “the Elven mark of shame” which has been burned onto her face with a hot metal rod by the full blooded Elves.

Things about Dar Pha are just beginning to uncover, so expect more details about her in the next DLC Shattered Embrace which is still “coming soon” even 2 years later after it was first announced.

SO, without further due, Dar Pha takes off her mask and shows our nameless hero that her sexy body also has a beautiful face at the very end of the Call of the Tenebrae DLC, why nobody took screenshots to post them on the internet its a mystery. There’s even a Google suggestion for it, if you type in Two World 2 Dar Pha, the first suggestion by google is “unmasked”.

So finally here she is, DAR PHA UNMASKED IN ALL HER GLORY:

Cute isn’t she? Now hopefully in the next DLC Shattered Embrace they will also get rid of that ugly head scarf of hers and uncover a very beautiful hair.

They worked a lot on changing Dar Pha as she was kind of ugly in the base game Two Worlds 2… its a pity such a wonderful installment doesn’t enjoy more success but this has got to be due to lack of advertisement but here’s some free advertisement right here, by writing this article, its plenty of free advertising for this game and no they didn’t pay us to write this.

If you are a fan of European dark-age-fantasy style RPG games like GOTHIC and RISEN RPG series by Piranha Bytes there is simply no way you won’t like TWO WORLDS with all of its DLCs.

Its really a superb game and we rate it 9 out of 10 due to sound quality bugs like sometimes its too loud while other times too low and sometimes you can’t even hear the voices while they are speaking, you are unable to separately select voice levels and other stuff such as number of channels.

Other than that its also kind of inconvenient that you can’t find raw materials at any seller and you actually need to dismantle many many things in order to obtain raw materials needed to upgrade your equipment and this way you miss out on a lot of cash which you could normally obtain by selling those things instead of dismantling them.

Some of the secondary missions are almost impossible to complete such as in the case of finding the 15 red butterflies and some Mendel tasks because there aren’t any clues to where you can find these things, then some things are also left like uncompletted or forgotten about such as Polly the parrot, you were supposed to free him when you finish the game yet hes still in your pocket despite the owner (mayor Karel) being dead and thus unable to search for the parrot to make him a stew anymore.

There are things like this in the game but other than that if you can just skip over them, pretend like they are not there (after all no game is perfect, all games have bugs) the game is almost a perfect 10. Good story, great action, conversation options, you can even have sex in the game with Reesa in Two Worlds 2 base game and with Edain in Call of the Tenebrae.

So despite our hero being in love with Dar Pha he’s cheating on her multiple times. LOL, there’s also plenty of humor in the conversations and missions and all, really a great game. The game is so full of humor there’s even a strange well in the middle of Dorchad with cars…

Some of the cars are floating around while others are pass-through and if you read the documents you find, you discover that this is normal as some guy who you never meet, was making experiments with matter on these cars. All cars found there have Romanian plate numbers for some strange reason, isn’t the game made in Poland? Maybe some of the developers were Romanian or something.

Anyway, again enjoy and remember, we were the first who showed Dar Pha unmasked! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and share our stories.

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