Why Russia Is Not on the Brink of a Maidan

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Some people very much would like to organise commotion in our country along the lines of the Ukrainian scenario, to the extent that teeth are being gnashed, but afraid nevertheless. And here is why.

The Russian President is a person who is supported by three quarters of the population, which was visually shown in the 2018 elections. They can say that afterwards an unpopular pension reform was accepted, which shook the approval rating. To some extent, it’s true. But over the past year passions have calmed, Russians resigned themselves to this inevitability and the popularity of the President started to grow again. It’s not even necessary to mention what rating Yanukovych had.

There is a clear chain of command. We have no regions that would spit on the Federal center in order to please the local Tsar. In Ukraine there was. Oligarchs placed their people in regions and these officials serviced the interests of their bosses. How can we not remember the “holy 90’s”.

There is loyalty towards the environment of the President. In Russia there isn’t, or I at least do not see, any strong political figures who would want to take Putin’s place. Even such ministers who are popular with the people (Shoigu, Lavrov, Novak) will not opt to plan to overthrow the President.

Can you imagine that on Red Square there is a tent town where there is constantly trouble? That thanks to the generous hand of any minister, food and drink is taken there, hundreds of biotoilet cabins are installed, and field kitchens are deployed? That smoke from the burning of tires rises over the Kremlin towers? It’s interesting to consider how many minutes the created tent town would stay, and the person who set fire to the tires would be at large after that? Does someone seriously think that our army will allow weapons to be taken from warehouses? No, someone can and may want to do this, which is terrible all the same. It it is necessary to immediately wash oneself with Zelenka. And so it remains for our oppositionists to come to the mayor’s office on a day off and carefully knock on the door.

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And what ideology to use for people at barricades? In Ukraine it is obvious. The Russophobic card was played – “escape the yoke of Moskals and become masters of our own home”. And in Russia? We do not love the Yankees. Some do. But can these revolutionaries call on Russians to stand against their beneficiaries? Did you see heads of our opposition near the American Embassy? I do not mean to receive grants, but for protests against the policies of the US? The communist ideology [the modern, post-USSR variant – SZ] is also a full fiasco after Zyuganov’s team with the political gigolo Grudinin. Can LGBT or mentally ill people be nominated?

Therefore our law enforcement authorities act so gently during the dispersal of rallies. They treat protesters paternally – mostly heart-to-heart conversations and facing a room corner for 10 to 30 days. On many it works (those who are simply foolish). But all know that a wide army belt with a heavy buckle hangs in a cabinet, and that father will not take long to think about when it is necessary to use it.

And that’s why they are afraid.


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