You want Democratic messaging? You got it.

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“As American politics has become more polarized and tribal, it’s gotten harder to shake voters from their partisan loyalties.”

Thus mourns Bloomberg’s Joshua Green in a NY Times op-ed today. His focus is on creepy Republican loyalties to the even creepier Donald Trump, whose miscellaneous corruptions and quackeries would, in a sane GOP, send the rank and file fleeing into grisly nights of terror and daily mass defections. Instead, notes Green, grassroot Republicans are simmering in a kind of “mass hallucination” — “Republican support for the president has hovered around 85 percent since his inauguration.” Nothing, it seems — not even irrefutable evidence of the repeatedly refuted: that Trump Inc. colluded with Russia to subvert an American election — is grist for Republican reassessment.

Indeed, substantiating Green’s lament is the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, which shows that, notwithstanding Trump’s overall, 6-point approval-rating drop since April (from 42 to 36 percent), 82 percent of Republicans still support this horror of a little man. Any 80-percent-plus approval rating is in fact ghastly evidence of mass partisan madness.

Aside from unmitigated lunacy as a basis for supportive Trumpism, Green further notes that “the president’s strongest assets continue to be the healthy economy [Obama’s gift] and a view among many Americans that the Democrats do not have a coherent message or program in opposition, other than opposition to the president.” It gets worse. “[F]ewer than 4 in 10 say the Democratic Party currently stands for something.”

I have heard this many times, as you surely have. Democrats are message-less, they’re stuck in an idealistic vacuum, if it weren’t for its orchestrated barfing over Trumpian abominations there would be no Democratic Party to speak of. In a way, as I wrote last month, all this bewailing chatter is a good thing, since “every Democratic candidate in 2018 will need a message tailored specifically to his or her district or state.” To assign A Message to the party nationwide could alienate as many as it attracts.

Still, there is a curiosity whose perpetuation astounds me. Those convinced of the Democratic Party’s standing for nothing have evidently failed to do the very easiest of research: Simply Google “Democratic Party,” click on the first proffered link — — and then, for Christ’s sake, just read the bloody platform. And for those too immensely lazy to do so, I offer an abbreviated version of what one would otherwise find in the party’s messaged list of priorities:

Restore Economic Security for the Middle Class
Raise Workers’ Wages
Protect Workers’ Fundamental Rights
Support Working Families
Help More Workers Share in Near-Record Corporate Profits
Expand Access to Affordable Housing and Homeownership
Protect and Expand Social Security
Ensure a Secure and Dignified Retirement
Revitalize Our Nation’s Postal Service
Create Good-Paying Jobs
Build 21st Century Infrastructure
Foster a Manufacturing Renaissance
Create Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs
Pursue Our Innovation Agenda: Science, Research, [etc.]
Support America’s Small Businesses
Create Jobs for America’s Young People
Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality
Rein in Wall Street and Fix our Financial System
Promote Competition by Stopping Corporate Concentration
Make the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes
Promote Trade That is Fair
Bring Americans Together
Remove Barriers to Opportunities
End Systemic Racism
Close the Racial Wealth Gap
Reform our Criminal Justice System
Fix our Broken Immigration System
Guarantee Civil Rights
Guarantee Women’s Rights
Guarantee Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights
Guarantee Rights for People with Disabilities
Respect Faith and Service
Invest in Rural America
End Poverty and Invest in Communities Left Behind
Build Strong Cities and Metro Areas
Promote Arts and Culture
Honor Indigenous Tribal Nations
Fight for the People of Puerto Rico
Honor the People of the Territories
Protect Voting Rights
Fix Our Campaign Finance System
Restore Our Democracy
Appoint [Sane] Judges
Secure Statehood for Washington, DC
Strengthen Management of Federal Government
Combat Climate Change
Build a Clean Energy Economy
Secure Environmental Justice
Protect Our Public Lands and Waters
Provide Quality and Affordable Education
Make Debt-Free College a Reality
Support Historically Black Colleges
Guarantee Universal Preschool and Good Schools
Ensure the Health and Safety of All Americans
Secure Universal Health Care
Support Community Health Centers
Reduce Prescription Drug Costs
Enable Cutting-Edge Medical Research
Combat Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Treat Mental Health
Support Those Living with Autism and their Families
Secure Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice
Ensure Long-Term Care, Services, and Supports
Protect and Promote Public Health
End Violence Against Women
Prevent Gun Violence
[Provide] Principled Leadership
Support Our Troops and Keep Faith with Our Veterans
Confront Global Threats
Protect Our Values
[Be] A Leader in the World

Now, securing statehood for Washington D.C. may not excite you, and spending taxpayer dollars to treat the diseased mental health of Trumpeteers might dismay you — but by God you cannot deny that rather than an absence of Democratic messaging, there is a veritable superabundance.

Finally, to those who have decried the lack of a Democratic message, I have one simple suggestion that will go as ignored as the above list: Shut the fuck up.

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